AAP Asphalt Maintenance & Repair for Farmington New Mexico

AAP in Farmington New Mexico provides both commercial and residential asphalt sealcoating, repair and maintenance services for driveways, parking lots and roads. Our professionals use the highest quality asphalt repair materials and the most appropriate method for each individual project.

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair… What we do BEST:

Asphalt Patching
Asphalt patching in Farmington NM

Does your driveway or parking lot have alligatoring? What about soft spots? If so, our asphalt patching and repair service in Farmington can fix and improve your paved area whether it is commercial or residential. There are a variety of options to patch asphalt. One way is to cut and remove the asphalt, repair the sub grade and relay fresh asphalt. Another option is to use Infrared Heating Technology to repair your existing asphalt. Every driveway patching project has unique variables and we like to come out to review and individually quote each asphalt repair project.

Asphalt Patching

Driveway Sealcoating
Driveway Sealcoating Farmington NM
To significantly extend the useful life of asphalt we use penetrating oil sealer. Our asphalt sealer will defend and extend the life of your asphalt and it stands up remarkably well to the elements. After sealing application, this waterproof seal looks like new asphalt and has superior wear. Sealcoating services by AAP in Farmington range from commercial parking lots to residential homes and driveways. Call now for quality asphalt maintenance.

Sealcoating Service

Crack Sealing
Asphalt crack sealing in Farmington NM
The best defense against costly asphalt repairs is to properly maintain it. Our Farmington NM Crack Sealing service applies FAA approved compound. This rubberized material will completely fill and seal cracks, stopping further damage and water from penetrating. Crack sealing an asphalt surface is extremely important and cost effective to lengthen the duration of your asphalt driveways, parking lots and roads without costly repairs. We provide crack sealing in residential and commercial capacities.

Crack Sealing

Asphalt Striping

Commercial asphalt striping in Farmington NM
Periodically, your parking lots or roadways require a fresh coat of striping to mark lines, restriping and new asphalt striping layouts. The reasons can be aestheics to preventing accidents and rerouting traffic flow.

Let the AAP pros handle your needs from start to finish with our commericial striping services in the Farmington NM region.

Asphalt Striping

For any of our asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance services, and a FREE QUOTE, please contact AAP’s Farmington Asphalt today and we will be in touch to answer your questions, fix your asphalt problems (from residential driveways to commercial parking lots and roads) with amazing results!